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    Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Safe-Dry® of Blythewood has more than ten years’ involvement with cleaning area and oriental rugs. Safe-Dry’s Rug Cleaning processes allows us to safely and effectively clean the rug at your home, avoiding any transport risks and making sure you’re 100% satisfied with the cleaning results. After we have eliminated the issue, stains or potentially smells, we vacuum them all at no extra expense! We focus around evacuating traffic regions, entangled stains, pet pee and the smell related to it. Regardless of whether you have rugs, territory carpets, or fine Orientals, you can have confidence that your floor coverings will be treated carefully and cleaned agreeable to you. No reason to look any longer when you need the best rug cleaners in Blythewood. Satisfying surveys by our more than fulfilled clients make us outstanding amongst other rug cleaning organizations around.


    • Every Rug is Different, and We Want to Treat Them That Way!

      We start by characterizing the type of rug you have by the material, support, and restricting strategies. At that point, we then start spot testing to ensure that no shading will seep from your mat. We distinguish two or three great spots to test, splash a limited quantity of solution and smear it to check for hues bleeding. After we have adequate info on your rug, we can plan a method for tending to every one of your stresses.

    • Experience Convenience with In-Home Cleaning!

      At Safe-Dry, we prioritize convenience, effectiveness, and safety in our rug cleaning process. With our innovative in-home cleaning services, you can now enjoy professional rug cleaning without the hassle of transportation or scheduling pick-ups and deliveries.

      This approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it eliminates any transport risks associated with moving your valuable rugs. More importantly, it allows us to conduct a thorough and efficient cleaning process right in the comfort of your home. Our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure high-quality cleaning that meets your satisfaction, all while respecting your space.

      Furthermore, in-home cleaning provides the unique benefit of immediate results. You’ll be able to see, feel, and appreciate the difference our services make to your rugs right away. This way, we ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the cleaning results before we consider our job done.

    • Full Flushing Available!

      For SEVERELY dealt and dirtied rugs we do offer a total flushing process. To experience this methodology, we would need more time as we over and over break those profound, stains and scents. This additionally expands the dry time, however, with regards to your appreciated properties, we need to ensure we get things as perfect as possible. rug flushes are not offered at home, just at our cleaning facility.

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